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Why Horses?

Why horses..? Horses have traditionally been considered a symbol of power and strength.

The sensory abilities of a horse provides an enhanced form of feedback for a practitioner. Some refer to this as being a divine mirror. For those who may balk at the spiritual connection interaction with a horse may offer, take note that the phenomenon is serious enough for study by medical professionals.

Why not a dog or a cat — or a goat, for that matter? A dog is a predator, and so is your cat. Goats don’t exactly inspire power, and they’re ornery. Horses, on the other hand, are prey animals and equipped with keen intuitive and sensory capabilities that evolved to keep them alive. Because their survival depends on their ability to sense what’s going on around them at all times, they live in a state of heightened but relaxed awareness. Link
Eyes horse and woman

Fiona Kennedy talks below about her experience with Equine Assisted Therapy... and how surprised she was of the results. Take a moment to read the article and how it might apply to someone experiencing mental trauma... and how reaching a calm space might help them.

I’ve written quite a lot the last couple of months about the various forms of support we’re more familiar with when it comes to mental health issues – psychotherapy, medication, psychiatry – but recently I had the chance to try something completely different... equine assisted therapy. Link