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1959 Corvette Silver Badge

1959 Chev Corvette Art Union Tickets

Buy tickets to help Horses For Harmony Foundation ease distress for those with PTSD, Autism, ADD and other mental health conditions, through Equine Assisted Therapy in Australia for your chance to win a 1959 Chev Corvette.


Update: (26 Dec 2019)
We very much apologize for the delay in this communication. We thought we would have had a resolution of our situation sooner, but have not.  We are working closely with a representative of the Department of Fair Trading NSW to insure that we have not run away with your money and / or doing anything nefarious or illegal. In all transparency we are diligently working to navigate a solution that doesn’t bankrupt the charity. We think we are about 1 month or less from that solution.

Thank YOU so much for your patience.  It’s been a long time since we communicated and never thought it would take this long to resolve.

Update: (03 Sep 2019, 1pm)
​Please accept our apologies for not releasing the winner name as promised on September 1, 2019.  
As of last week, we encountered some legal action threats from people that were not happy that we ​paused the draw date. The threats by the end of the week were enough of a concern that we needed to seek legal counsel, as well as reach out to the NSW Department of Fair Trading for assistance. They have not responded as of yet.
Please know that we are working with our legal counsel to rectify the situation as SOON as possible.  
We are a small operation JUST starting off and are trying to do the right thing that will not harm our future growth, or the great work we intend to do.  
We do not wish to cause anyone stress, we are just asking for you to be patient a few days while we make some determinations about moving forward with this raffle at this point.
Thank you again for your patience and understanding,
Scott Bartle, Founder of Horses for Harmony

Update: (01 Sep 2019 3pm)
Thank you to everyone who has purchased a ticket in the Horses For Harmony Fundraiser. Ticket Sales are now CLOSED. 

Whereas the draw was to be conducted at 4pm on Sunday 1st Sept 2019, an outstanding issue is awaiting attention from the NSW Department of Fair Trading. Emails will be sent to all ticket holders advising the progress. 

Thank you
Horses For Harmony