Horses for Harmony

1959 Chev Corvette raffle

Fundraising to ease distress through equine assisted therapy

1959 Chev Corvette

1959 Chev Corvette raffle
1959 Chev Corvette raffle
1959 Chev Corvette raffle
1959 Chev Corvette raffle
1959 Chev Corvette raffle

Our Vision

Horses for Harmony is fundraising to ease distress in adults and children through equine assisted therapy. Please see the videos by National Geographic and Fox news below for a brief introduction to how it can benefit people experiencing various types of distress. 

Equine Assisted Therapy Fox News 4
Equine Assisted Therapy National Geographic
Equine Assisted Therapy Fox News

Prize Vehicle Details

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To enjoy the full potential of this car, the quarter panels were widened to fit the full width C5 suspension and rear end set up.

Many cars shorten the half shafts which doesn’t allow as much wheel travel. Not as much as the C5 corvette design engineers intended.

The original 1959 wheels could hardly be called wide, close though, they were often white, but definitely not wide.

Driving now with a full 4” wider stance translates into a more masculine look. 10” tires look natural under the widened quarter panels. Compare the width of the original 1959 Corvette quarter.

1959 Corvette Air Vent
Custom air vent added to disguise widening


With massive drilled and slotted discs shouting out from beneath the 18” Billet Specialties wheels, and two extra inches in the body either side, the opportunity for creativity arose.

Scoops were molded into the rear panel just aft of the doors with a modern stainless steel mesh insert reminiscent of european classic sports cars.

Exhaust once passed through the rear chromed bumpers in days gone by. Now, 45 degree cutoffs let the exhaust spill out 2 bends earlier with an incredible rumble.

On pressing the start button, the sound is awesome. It’s a sound that you can feel, like a good home cinema adds the fourth dimension to a movie. It isn’t like someone has drilled holes in the muffler, more like the muffler is bursting or underwater explosions are sounding. When heard roaring down the street, it’s a sound that would make you rush to the window to see what car it is, wishing it was yours.