1959 Chev Corvette Charity Raffle – Awards


    1959 Chev Corvette winner at Super Chevy Show 2008 BristolSuper Chevy Show
    Held 8,9,10 August 2008 at the Bristol Dragway Tennessee, two awards were won:
    ~ 1st place in the 53-62 Modified Class
    ~ Best Corvette overall

    Notable was a Right Hand Drive car won !! Many Corvette owners, particularly in the USA, regard changing a Corvette – in any way – as sacrilege.


    1959 Chev Corvette Winner at Super Chevy Show 2008 53-62 Class
    1959 Chev Corvette winner at Super Chevy Show 2008 - Best Corvette
    WA Hot Rod ShowWA Hot Rod Show
    Entered at the last minute, due to challenges with the vehicle being released from Customs (after 18 months), two awards were won:WA Hot Rod Show Second Show CarWA Hot Rod Show People’s Choice Award
    ~ People’s Choice Award
    ~ Second: Street Machine Show Car Class
    WA Hot Rod Show People's Choice AwardWA Hot Rod Show Second Show Car

    Como Rotary Car Show 2013
    A variety of cars participated in the October 2013 Como Rotary Car Show. No trophies were awarded however the bottle of wine for the “People’s Choice Award” was very nice. www.comorotarycarshow.com

    Como Rotary Car Show 2 Como Rotary Car Show 3 Como Rotary Car Show

    Corvettes of Western Australia
    Corvettes of WA People’s Choice Award Hilarys at the 60th Anniversary of the Corvette, 30 Jun 2013, Corvettes of Western Australia hosted a car show at Hilary’s Boat Harbour. There was approximately 70 Corvettes present. More photos of the event here. Photos of each car coming or going here.

    Camden Car Show – 18 Oct 2015
    The focus was on the ’55, ’56 & ’57 Chevy’s as the event was hosted by the 567 Chevrolet Club, though prizes were awarded for the top ten cars of the show – in no particular order. See photos on their Facebook page.Timecode 5:30 for the ’59 Corvette in the video:

    Jesus Racing Car Show 31 Oct 2015
    Held at the Eastern Creek Motorway. Watch the promotional video here.

    There was live racing, on-track demonstrations, stunning display cars, family activities and entertainment, and Andrew “Fishtail” Fisher gave us his insights on Passion, Purpose and Life on the big screen.

    More photos here by God Speed Photography:


    Australian Financial Review
    Featured on page 3 of the Australian Financial Review 22 Jul 2011 (much to the disgust of my employer at the time who was jealous of even being in the publication…)

    This article followed a 9 month ordeal with the Department of Transport resulting in an Import Approval.

    Essentially the Department published Guidelines, a PowerPoint Presentation and Website for importing a motor vehicle to explain how to determine if a vehicle was re-manufactured. They relied upon these materials in refusing import approval. The publications were quoted from to refuse approval initially and the request for review of the decision was similarly denied with quotes from their own publications.

    These publications were then denied during the Administrative Appeals Tribunal process where the Department attempted to isolate the definition of the word ‘manufactured’ to Regulation 17… not under Regulation 17, but ‘at’ Regulation 17. This was pointed out during the tribunal.

    Import Approval was subsequently granted based solely on the car looking like an original 1959 Corvette… nothing to do with definitions etc…

    Perth Street Car Magazine
    Upon winning two awards at the Western Australia Hot Rod Show, a feature article was written following a photoshoot at one of Perth’s run down vintage buildings.

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    Corvette Enthusiast Magazine 2008
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    Horses for Harmony

    1959 Chev Corvette raffle

    Fundraising to ease distress through equine assisted therapy

    1959 Chev Corvette

    1959 Chev Corvette raffle
    1959 Chev Corvette raffle
    1959 Chev Corvette raffle
    1959 Chev Corvette raffle
    1959 Chev Corvette raffle

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